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Accept donations from your fans and give them exclusive content.
Donation system to monetize your server: Discord, FiveM, Rust, Gmod, ARK, Project Zomboid, CSGO, Unturned, 7 Days to Die & Minecraft.

What's Tip4serv ?

Create your fan page or store and let your community support you financially. Collect subscriptions & donations from your players and give them access to private post flow / Discord privileges / files to download / exclusive content on your game servers.

Private flow

Give your fans access to exclusive videos or images based on their subscription and let them react

Discord privileges

Reward your subscribers by offering them a role on Discord or other perks

Game servers

Offer them a rank or exclusive content on your game servers like FiveM and Minecraft

Why Tip4serv ?

Create on Tip4serv is free and without ads, you have access to a lot of features and visual customization.
In order to best assure your customers, you can choose among 15 languages.

3D secure payment

Be reassured and avoid fraudulent payments with two-factor authentication

Mobile friendly

50% of people buy on their smartphone. For this reason our pages are suitable for small screens.

Multiple payment actions

Configure actions for each movement and on several game servers: after a payment, a subscription expires, a renewal, a charge back.

Setup in 5 minutes

Create your page, configure your payment methods, connect your servers or not, add subscriptions or products and start earning money.

For content creators and community managers

Whether you are a Youtuber, a gaming community manager, or any artist... Tip4serv will do the job, you will discover a new way to make money. Sell privileges on your servers, sell files to download, publish news or exclusive content. Decide who can see your publications and let your fans like and comment.

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More than 15 payment methods available

We offer a fast, complete and secure payment process to give your customers confidence.
The payment method are offered to your customers according to their country and currency


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