Sub-Categories Available

You can now create sub-categories in your stores, making it easier to organize your products, especially if you offer a variety of items or cater to a community of players from different games.

How does it work?

• Access the products list in your admin panel.
• Click on the small Manage subcategories button.
• Then click the Add category button.
Favicon Editor

You can now edit your store's favicon directly in the Identity tab of the theme editor (Murga theme).

Improved Search

Search now allows you to search by product name and subscription name.

Palworld supported

Added Palworld support and the ability to run commands on the server via RCON.

Active Subscription Syncing

We're excited to announce a new feature in the product editor that will make managing your subscriptions easier than ever! Active subscription syncing is now available, making your interactions with your subscribers more seamless and efficient.


• Send new commands: Instantly send them to all your subscribers.
• Add new servers: Integrate new servers into your subscriptions.
• Assign new Discord roles: Easily add roles for your subscribers.
• Change expiration commands: Adjust the expiration commands of your subscriptions.
Update on Cancelled Commands

Previously, server commands were cancelled if a player did not log in within 6 days after their purchase. However, this caused issues during a server WIPE. We have extended the cancellation period to 60 days.

New Statistics Dashboard

We're excited to introduce our new statistics dashboard with a fresh, new visual identity that will soon be applied to the entire admin panel. This is a first version, this new Dashboard will be more complete in the future, such as statistics on coupon codes.


• Period Comparison: Select and compare different date ranges easily.
• New Pages: Access More Popular Products, Product Details, More Popular Subscriptions, and Subscription Details.
• Clickability: All payments, subscriptions, and products are now clickable.
• New Widgets: Discover Average Payment, Sold Products, Total Orders, and One-time & Recurring Subscribers Count.
• Scroll Down for More Data: Added the ability to scroll down to view more Payments and more Top spenders.
• Improved Performance: The dashboard now loads much faster, and each widget loads independently.
Important Updates and Improvements
• The Tip4Serv Discord Bot now shows an embed with all linked stores when you type /donate.
• The anti-DDoS protection has been improved and activates only on the store being attacked.
• The server now restarts once a week (Tuesday at 1 AM GMT for 3 minutes) instead of daily. This ensures a 99.9% up-time.
• The API has been optimized and is now twice as fast.
• We fixed an issue in the ARK mod that happened when console players clicked the STORE button.
Tip4Serv Update News
• EPIC ID Support for ARK Survival Evolved: EPIC gamers can now input their Epic ID instead of the Steam ID in the checkout basket (no plugin updates needed).
• My Coupons Update: In MY COUPONS dashboard, you can track your total net earnings generated by coupons, along with last month's total. Perfect for those looking to reward streamers.
• Payments List Updates: In PAYMENTS list, you'll notice some enhancements too. We've added details of the first product in the basket along with the payment processor used (PayPal or Stripe).
• Gmod Addon Update: You can effortlessly toggle the database on or off directly from the config file, here is the new Gmod Addon 1.4.4
Focus on Stability and Enhancements
• We've resolved a freezing bug when visiting the store, which was actually caused by the construction of the top customers feature.
• Bugs related to subscriptions have been fixed; the expiration date was inaccurate when one of the subscription payments failed.
• The text editor now reflects the visible result on the website with the same font, color, and margin.
• The list of payments, subscriptions, and gift cards has been improved with faster pagination and search capabilities; it's now possible to sort payments by status.
• The ARK:SA mod has become cross-platform to also allow console players to be redirected to the store with their EOSID.
• The cursor now automatically moves to the input field when the player needs to enter their ID in the Murga theme's shopping cart.
Google Analytics 4 integration

Analyze your audience by collecting data from your store to gain better insights into your customers.

Quickly integrate your Google Analytics Measurement ID into your Dashboard

Gift cards

Gift cards are now available in the PRO plan. To sell a gift card simply select Enable in the product editor.

Go to gift card panel to generate a gift card

New Discord Webhook Features

Now, you have the ability to configure webhooks to receive real-time notifications for key events related to payments, subscriptions, and refunds.

Go to Discord notifications

YouTube tutorials

We are excited to share our new YouTube channel where we'll provide numerous tutorials to help you build your store.

Go to Tip4Serv channel


ARK Survival Ascended is now supported !

Go to MY SERVERS to add your ARK:SA server.

Garry's Mod Plugin Update

Now you can execute any command for players upon spawn or on connection.

Update plugin by disconnect then reconnect your server: MY SERVERS.

Give multiple Discord roles

Now, you can add multiple roles per product. Explore this new feature in MY PRODUCTS to enhance your offerings.

Introducing the brand new PRO experience

Ready to experience the PRO difference? Check out a Sample store

Upgrade to PRO now: See all features.

Important ARK:SE security Update

ARK:SE plugin has been updated: important security update.

Download now.

Important FiveM script Update

FiveM plugin has been updated: code optimization and security fix.

Go to Github to download the new FiveM script.


ARK Survival Evolved is now supported !

Go to MY SERVERS to add your ARK server.

Important Rust Plugin Update

Rust plugin has been updated: network optimization and bug fixes.

Go to Umod to download the new Rust plugin.

Resend update

You can now resend commands to your server, useful if you reset your server data or if Discord commands have failed.

You can also send all orders according to a date range from the Resend commands dashboard.

Discord bot updated

Tip4serv now works with both types of Discord username, with and without discriminator (#1234)

Subscription update

Subscriptions now display the next payment date instead of the expiration date. The margin of 9 days has therefore been removed.

If the payment fails, it is retried 5 days later. If it fails again, then the subscription is canceled and the expiration commands are executed.

Gmod addon update

Gmod addon has been updated: lots of code optimization and also offers more commands with Steam ID.

Go to Github to download the new Gmod addon.

Project Zomboid supported

Added Project Zomboid support and the ability to run commands on the server.

Go to MY SERVERS to add your Project Zomboid server.

Discount percentage

Select the products or subscriptions you want to put on sale and choose an end date.

For subscriptions, the discount only applies to the first payment.

Create a discount

More coupon options

Choose on which product the coupon can be used.

Coupons can now be used on subscriptions, they apply to the first payment.

You can set a coupon usage limit per user.

Trial days

Offer trial days to your subscribers in the product editor.

A user can only take advantage of their trial period once.

Seller email

The seller now receives an email for each payment which summarizes the basket and the player's identifiers.

Player ID fields

You can now choose a player ID which will be requested from the customer during the purchase process. Useful for those who do not connect their game server.

Edit payment & subscription

Added edit and delete buttons in the payment and subscription detail pages. You can now edit status, player IDs and expiration date.

7 Days to Die

7 days to die is now supported by Tip4Serv.

Bypass payment

You can manually add a payment to a player by clicking the Bypass payment button on your store page.

Custom cycle

The subscription billing cycle has become customizable: you can choose the number of days, weeks and months.

Minecraft Geyzer

The store is compatible with Minecraft servers which uses the Geyzer & Floodgate plugin. Bedrock player must enter his nickname with a dot during the purchase process, example: .Steeve

Purchase email

Template have been modified and now display the store logo, a button to order details, a CONTACT US link to your email address and a link to your store.

Minimum donation amount

You can now enter a minimum donation amount when you check the "Pay What You Want" box in the product editor.

Purchase limit

It is now possible to add a purchase limit to your products, useful if you want to sell an advantage on your server and you do not want your players to abuse it.

Limit works by user_id, steam_id, minecraft_uuid and discord_id.

The customer receives a message with a countdown if he has reached the purchase limit.

CSGO and Unturned

Unturned and CSGO servers are now supported by our RCON connection system.

Connect your server now in MY SERVERS

Rust RCON fix

Sometimes, deliveries on RUST via the RCON system could take several minutes. Delivery time is now less than 2 minutes after purchase.

Paypal Checkout V2

Displays a card payment form in the checkout and the following payment methods: Credit card, Paypal, BLIK, Mercado Pago, MyBank, Venmo, iDEAL, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, Przelewy24, Sofort..

Activate Paypal Checkout V2

Tip4Serv Discord

The official Tip4Serv Discord server has just been created.

Join Discord Server

Custom domain

You can now use your own domain name and point it to your shop.

Configure your domain now

Steam & Discord login

Login via Steam and Discord is now available in the shop.

Customers can log in instead of entering their Steam ID and Discord tag.

Choice of game server

Customers can now choose which server they want to receive their order on.

Go to MY PRODUCTS, edit a product and enable: Allow server choice.

Rust RCON connect

You can now connect the RCON console to Tip4serv. No need to use plugins anymore. Save your server performance !

Go to MY SERVERS to configure your servers.

Garry's mod supported

Added Gmod support and the ability to run commands on the server.

Go to MY SERVERS to add your Gmod server.

Execute commands after x days

Select Subscription and Expire after in your products editor to be able to set up expiration commands for your servers without reccuring subscription.

Minecraft plugin updated 1.2.4

Removal of Mojang API due to Microsoft account.

Now works with plugin logger.

Remove spaces and line breaks from tip4serv.key to avoid paste errors.

The api version is now specified.

Full compatibility with Paper.

Other optimizations.


Better management for communities with many servers

Added a button to add all your servers in a product and apply commands to multiple servers.

Added ability to change the servers orders in your product.

Price format

Prices and currency are now displayed to visitors in the correct format based on their country.

Rust supported

Added Rust support and the ability to run commands on the server.

Go to MY SERVERS to add your Rust server.

Choice of donation amount

Added a Pay What You Want checkbox in product configuration.

Activate it to allow your fans to choose the amount of their donation.

Sell files & download link on your store

A button has been added in the product configuration so that you can sell download links.

After purchase, the customer finds his download links in his Tip4Serv dashboard.

The customer also receives an email telling him where to download his files.

Minecraft & FiveM plugin important update

Bug fix: Some commands do not become DELIVERED on Tip4serv after the API returns an error (server IP change, API error, rate limit etc...).

Optimization: Avoid lag during http requests (Minecraft plugin 1.2.2).

New: You can choose every how many minutes the plugin should check if a payment has been made (config file).

Update plugins by disconnecting/reconnecting your server in MY SERVERS

We have added various features

Offer your customers more than 15 different payment methods with Stripe and optimize your income.

Create discount coupons to retain your customers.

The product part now manages the stock, the product becomes unavailable once the stock is exhausted.

Opening of Tip4serv

Tip4serv has just opened and is happy to welcome you! Create your store or fan page and start making money.