Rust supported

Added Rust support and the ability to run commands on the server.

Go to MY SERVERS to add your Rust server.

Choice of donation amount

Added a Pay What You Want checkbox in product configuration.

Activate it to allow your fans to choose the amount of their donation.

Sell files & download link on your store

A button has been added in the product configuration so that you can sell download links.

After purchase, the customer finds his download links in his Tip4Serv dashboard.

The customer also receives an email telling him where to download his files.

Minecraft & FiveM plugin important update

Bug fix: Some commands do not become DELIVERED on Tip4serv after the API returns an error (server IP change, API error, rate limit etc...).

Optimization: Avoid lag during http requests (Minecraft plugin 1.2.2).

New: You can choose every how many minutes the plugin should check if a payment has been made (config file).

Update plugins by disconnecting/reconnecting your server in MY SERVERS

We have added various features

Offer your customers more than 15 different payment methods with Stripe and optimize your income.

Create discount coupons to retain your customers.

The product part now manages the stock, the product becomes unavailable once the stock is exhausted.

Opening of Tip4serv

Tip4serv has just opened and is happy to welcome you! Create your store or fan page and start making money.